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At the Connie Lekas School, our goal is to provide an educational environment that will prepare students for success in post-secondary settings. By meeting students at their individual entry points we engage students in different modalities for learning. The shared efforts of students, parents, and staff result in lifelong learners, problem solvers, and productive citizens in the global community.
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Principal's Message

Welcome to the Connie Lekas School where, Together, We Make it Happen! ! I am the proud principal of this historic school. We are blessed that you have selected us as the institution that will inspire, motivate, and educate your child. The 2021-2022 school year brought on many challenges perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but resilience and a quest for educational excellence is what set us apart. Despite the adversity and challenges, the Connie Lekas Family were able to “Make It Happen!” Our teachers, staff, students, and community showed up and showed out, making history!
It is our desire to offer a challenging curriculum that provides opportunities for all students to succeed. Our school is a place where we value intellectual curiosity, encourage critical thinking, independence in body, mind and spirit, and require students to strive for excellence in everything they do.
During this unprecedented time in our nation, the safety and social-emotional well-being of our staff and students remains our primary concern. While the last few years have brought about many challenges and changes to the way we educate our students, know that the upcoming school year will bring about several changes as well. There will be changes in state standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as a new way of measuring student progress through ongoing progress monitoring. With so many changes on the way, may you as parents and community stakeholders recommit to supporting your student and our school to be able to reach our maximum potential.
Our theme for the 2022-2023 school year is in line with the changes in educational practices being proposed by the New York City Chancellor, David Banks in alignment with his Four Pillars. “Change is inevitable, but growth is intentional.” It is the expectation that each child experiences academic, social, and emotional growth this school year, recognizing that their time here is essential in developing a solid foundation for happiness, fulfillment, and success in life.
As Stars, we expect our children to govern themselves as bright lights, being fierce in their intellectual pursuits, striving for excellence like the mighty galaxies, we know that they can become, yet with gentleness, poise, and grace. Attendance is critical and required if excellence is to be obtained.
Our Connie Lekas staff provides our students with a rich, safe, and stimulating learning environment as we embark on the journey towards, “Intentional Growth!” Help us plant seeds of positive change that will flourish into mature trees whose roots extend far into the earth, soaking up nutrients and water that will help them grow today, for the future. We invite parents and community stakeholders to be an integral part of our student’s education. Parents can do so by accessing the parent portal regularly to stay current with the students’ grades and attendance. If you need assistance or support, please stop by our Parent Resource Center and/or see our Parent Coordinator, Sharon Williams. Community members are encouraged to reach out to the administrative team to learn how best you can serve the needs of our Connie Lekas Family.
Additionally, please visit our website for more information pertaining to our school. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. I look forward to collaborating with you to ensure a positive and productive school year for all. “I see you; I love you; you matter!”


Flag Day

Time: 12 PM
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Time: 5 PM
Location: Neighborhood

Our Vision

The Connie Lekas School is committed to providing excellence in education for all students. The school will design programs and 21st century learning experiences that promote academic achievement and optimal post-secondary outcomes aligned to the personal and social growth of every student. As a richly diverse community of learners, that values all its members, Connie Lekas School will assume a central role in the community by linking parents, local agencies and businesses to the school.

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